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How to Write a Dating Profile to Get the Most Out Of Your Online Dating Experience

Millions of singles have tried online dating sites and hundreds of thousands more sign up every week. That means thousands of potential mates and serious competition for everyone. It can be tough to know what to write on your dating profile. In light of this, we have taken the time to put together for you some useful tips for getting better results out of your online dating profile.

ArabLounge Dating Profile Tips| Updated February 04, 2021

How to write a good dating profile for a dating site:

Your Headline

Along with your photo, your headline is the first thing that members see about you. You only get one first impression so it is well worth it to put some thought into how you project yourself. What is considered good is a matter of taste. Like meeting people face to face, people will draw their own conclusions based on a variety of factors.

  • Try asking a question: if possible, keep the question relevant to your profile. People often have their interest piqued by a question and are drawn to answer it.
  • Lay off using all capital letters and exclamation points. Caps and exclamation points communicate loudness, neediness (or desperation) and can be a turn off to many.
  • Use your wit and humor. Clever headlines stand out but consider asking a friend that your headline is in fact funny/clever and not cheesy.
  • Be philosophical. What's your philosophy on life? Share your heart freely and you will likely attract the same.

Only use a cliché with a twist. Here are ArabLounge we screen thousands of profiles a day and see the same old tired cliché headlines *yawn* Headlines like, "Looking for the one", "Your Prince Is Waiting" are boring and used way too frequently. Here are a few creative headlines that we found on ArabLounge:

"Extrovert looking for an intelectually curious and progressive Pharaoh!"
"Here I am, what are your other two wishes?"
"Habibi You No Longer Need Your GPS to Find Me"

Profile Questions

Searching for love and compatible Arab singles on a personals site can sometimes feel like searching for a job. If you have ever hunted for a job then you know how much goes into the process: research, resumes, cover letters, business suites, interviews, follow-up calls, etc. Your profile is your online personals resume and it should be given the proper time and attention.

What you say on your profile and how you say it matters. Thoughtful profiles that answer a myriad of questions are far more likely to attract someone who has the qualities that you value. Here are a few important tips to keep in mind when filling out your profile:

  • Don't forget you are writing to an audience. Customize your profile to fit the audience that you want to attract.
  • Informative profiles help singles make an informative decision. Be yourself and share as much about yourself as you are comfortable.
  • Have fun with your profile. Nobody responds to negativity so keep it positive.
  • Nobody likes a show off. You can state what you are in confidence without putting anyone down in the process.
  • Tell the truth. If you don't you are destroying any future trust you may have tried to build up.
  • Spell check. It shows the reader that you have pride in your work and in who you are.

Photos are a Must!

It's a proven fact that posting a  photo leads to many many more responses! The first and most obvious way to draw someone in is through a great picture. There are those that say they simply can't imagine being discovered by anyone they know seeing their face on this site. To these people we say, if someone is looking at your picture on this online personals site then guess what? They're using an Arab matchmaking site themselves. In short, there is nothing to be embarrassed about as thousands of singles get married each year thanks to online dating sites like ArabLounge; most of whom had a picture attached to their profile.

Here are a few tips to remember when posting a photo:

  • Post a photo that looks like you today (no prom pictures please =)
  • Post photos that enhance and reinforce what you wrote in your profile.
  • You are more defined by your actions and interests so post photos which reflect this. A photo of you surfing will highlight your interests in water sports. A photo with your niece and nephew will highlight your close family.
  • People like happy people, so smile!

Take Charge: Upgrade!

Instead of waiting for the right person to contact you, be pro-active by getting a membership. As a Platinum Member you will be able to initiate contact with any of the hundreds of thousands of Arab singles on AL. Life is short. why wait for someone to contact you when you can increase your chances for finding love by getting out there and sending mails or chat invites to people that you are interested in getting better. Don't be shy, get out there and make it happen - you can do it!

Write a Memorable Introductory Bio (how to write about me for a dating site)

You don't want to start off too generic and you don't want it to be a 5 page explanation about how perfect. Take a step back and ask yourself why you are writing this. If you don't know the answer to this question, you might want to save your words for when you are thinking more clearly. The next point to keep in mind is differentiating yourself from the other members on the site. Find an angle. If your skill set doesn't include the ability to concoct witty one-liners, you can always try a more conventional approach: ask a friend.

Here are a few things that you should do:

  • Be yourself!
  • Don't be rude or abrasive: lay off humor that can be construed as vulgar or offensive.
  • Don't give out your phone number or email address: it's against the rules and you'll be opening yourself up to privacy issues.
  • Say a bit about the type of person you are looking for.
  • Don't write something that sounds generic like cut and paste bios that you found on google.

Best practices for that first chat:

  • Do not ask them questions that they have already answered in their profile. Doing so communicates that you did not take the time to really read their profile.
  • Tell the member what piqued your interest to write. What was it about their profile that caught your attention?
  • Share with the member any interests, experiences, hobbies, etc. that you may have in common.
  • Proof your message. Typos are a turn off.
  • Keep it short; people are not interested in a lengthy 3 page manifesto/bio.
  • Keep it positive, upbeat, non judgmental.
  • Check out their IceBreaker (if they have one) before sending a message.

Replying to a chat

Take the time to construct a personal detailed message that is not longer than the first. The person who responded to you has probably asked you questions for you to answer. Answer their questions and pose some yourself so they have something to which they can reply. Write like you talk and be friendly and conversational. Give longer answers rather than shorter ones because short answers suggest that you are too busy for the other person. Keep the conversation light and personal. Also, be patient. Take some time to establish rapport and trust before you ask someone out or you ask for their phone number.

Whew, that's a whole lot but trust us, apply the aforementioned and you will have more success. Now that you have the knowledge to create a good dating profile, head on over to and meet your match!

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