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From Bikini to "Burkini"

A brief history of the burkini, the modern Muslim beach attire for women.

ArabLounge Magazine > Lifestyle| January 26, 2021

The glaring sun, the waves lapping against the shore, children laughing and playing, bodies displayed for all to see with only scant swimsuits for protection. These are some of the images that come to mind when thinking of the beach, but for many Muslim women, they are not able to enjoy the beach in the same way. Many modest women avoid swimming in public areas because of the lack of any proper swimsuits that cover them according to Islamic standards. There has been a need for proper swimsuits that would make a woman comfortable enough to step out in as well as to swim in, but these needs had not yet been met. Many women who would swim, would either so do in large swaths of clothes or ingeniously make their own version of a modest swimsuit.

Fortunately, this issue has finally been addressed within the past few years by budding entrepreneurs who saw that that no one was catering to this huge market. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, the companies started marketing and selling their own brand of an Islamic swimsuit, affectionately referred to as a "burkini." There are many variations on these modest swimsuits, with some tending to be tighter and form-fitting, while others are loose yet fashionable. This swimsuit covers the entire body and hair, while leaving the face, hands and feet uncovered. There are numerous designs; some look like scuba diving wetsuits, while others go for a dress-over-pants look.

All swimsuits come in fabrics, (such as spandex,) that allow for agile movements through water--and just like bikinis--they come in many different colors, shapes and designs. They also offer full protection from ultra violet rays, which is another benefit for those who wish to avoid sunburns. As of right now, this modest swimsuit has been catered mostly to just Muslim women, but there is a huge market of women who prefer more modest swimsuits of every religion. The swimsuits start around $100, but many websites offer discounts during certain times of the year. This is another positive step in the right direction for women who want to be active, confident and comfortable while at the same time, wish to maintain their modesty. The swimsuits are available online and are also sold in specialty shops around the world.

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