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How Can Traveling Enrich Your Love Life?

Traveling can really be the answer you're looking for when trying to attract the right kind of person.

WSArabLounge Magazine > Dating & Relationships| February 23, 2021

Love Travel

Traveling the world has so many benefits. You get to see the world, open up your worldview, meet some great people, taste amazing food and have the experience of a lifetime. But can it also make you more attractive as a potential mate? The simple answer is definitely!

You begin to learn so much about the world, different customs, history, art, and so much more. Most importantly, however, you learn a lot about yourself. Where do you draw the line? What are your boundaries? Are you high-maintenance? These questions can be easily answered by leaving the mundane reality of everyday life and trekking the globe. When you know more about yourself and the world around you become a more confident, intelligent person. You have an understanding of the world that others who haven't seen the ends of the earth have. Your cacophony of experiences meld to make you one interesting person—the kind of person people are attracted to right away.

Here are just a few of the ways why travel can make you more of a catch:

1) You've got the best stories to tell

When you've experienced life outside your little bubble, it gives you the ability to see, eat and do things you'd never do in your own hometown. Whether it be bungee-jumping off a cliff in Zambia, eating real Neapolitan pizza in Naples, or driving a smartcar in Paris, you will have so many stories about your misadventures and experiences. Most people in general are attracted to people who are accomplished and are really interesting. By sharing your stories, you can become closer to a person and even possibly share the same experience if they've been there or are from there, as well.

2) Traveling gives you confidence

When you're out on your own in a country where you don't know the language, where the customs are completely different, and you don't know anyone, your survival instincts just kick in. You tend to start realizing where the tourist traps are and steer clear of them, you figure out the best way to get around town, how to haggle for the best prices, and when the best times are to go anywhere. It becomes like sixth sense, and when you travel, you have to rely on yourself and your judgments. This really gives you more self-confidence and the ability to know that you can do almost anything. Confidence can't be overstated as a major attraction factor for people. Most people want to be with someone who likes themselves and who is comfortable in their own skin--travel is a really good way to build this confidence.

3) You realize what kind of a person you are

Traveling can either bring out the best or the worst in you. Its here in a foreign place where you'll truly find out if you can handle pressure, if you're high maintenance, or if you can just roll with the punches. Realizing that nothing ever works out exactly the way you planned it when you travel is the most important lesson. Letting things just happen is really the best way to travel. Once you've figured out exactly who you are, you feel more comfortable with yourself. Most people are attracted to others who are content with themselves and don't try to put on a show. Traveling is a great way to accomplish this.

4) You meet the most interesting people

Not only do you get to meet new people at every turn, but you get to find out what the locals are really like by interacting with them. You gain a sense of how similar people are the world over, and you'll gain a new appreciation for diversity and an openness that is very attractive. By traveling, you can also learn how to strike up a conversation with almost anyone, and take that home with you. Using this skill, you can meet so many more people back home you may have been to shy to talk to before.

Traveling can really be the answer you're looking for when trying to attract the right kind of person. Just remember the cardinal rule about traveling: immerse yourself in the place and just have fun.

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