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How to Keep the Spark Alive

How to keep your relationship exciting and full of surprise.

World Singles HeartArabLounge Magazine > Dating & Relationships| February 23, 2021

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Keeping the spark alive in a relationship is hard; being together all the time causes that level of mystery, that certain something that used to be there in the beginning of the relationship, to give way for comfort and stability. But how many people would love to have that spark back? That feeling of butterflies, the same emotions that made your heart beat palpably, your palms sweat and gave you the shivers?

If you want to recapture that something, that oomph, then the following things will help you recapture what you've been missing:

1) Travel together

Setting yourselves in a place that gets you both out of your comfort zone and makes you rely on each other will help bring you closer. Seeing, experiencing and tasting new things will form a bond and remind you of some of your first dates. Whether it be jetting around the world or driving a few miles away from where you live, becoming a tourist can help bond you and help see each other in a different and (hopefully) good light.

2) Get out of your comfort zone

Do you go out on dates anymore? Hanging out is not going out, and a way to get out of your funk, is by setting aside some time to do something that is just for you two. Make dinner dates, pack picnics and eat them at the beach, peruse the museums nearby, go to movies you will both enjoy. Anything that you don't normally do is good for you. Do you always just do one particular activity? Put that aside, and think outside the box. Go rock climbing instead. Take a trip to your local amusement park, make dinner for each other. Anything that you wouldn't normally do will help break the cycle of the mundane and staid.

3) Adopt a Pet

Getting something that will depend on you, love you and that will need a lot of care can help bring you together. If you don't live together or are married, perhaps one person can agree to keep it at their home, but the duties can be shared. A dog, cat, bird or other pet is a great way to also find out how well your partner would be at taking care of a child. (Something you might be interested in.) Having a cute, cuddly pet greet you at the door creates a bonding experience and gives you a lot of life lessons as well. It also sure breaks up the monotony of domesticity.

4) Distance

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, getting away from each other may bring you even closer, and bring back that spark. Think back to how you longed to see that person at the beginning of the relationship. Now, if you see them every day or every other day, there's little left to talk about or do together. Distance can really help you not only spend less time with each other, but give you more to talk about when you do finally see each other. See each other just once a week or twice a week. Try it out and see how it works for the both of you. Less if you live farther apart. You will be amazed at how much you have to talk about and how much you will miss the person, if you give it a chance. It makes you long for the time you spend together and makes the time that you are with each other, that much more meaningful.

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