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Love and Relationships Within the Arab-American Community

While some Arab-Americans have become more open minded in recent times, there are still some that like to stick to the traditional routes.

ArabLounge Magazine > Lifestyle & Culture| February 09, 2021

Dating is not an option for Arab Muslims. Unfortunately, engaging in dating behavior is considered an unacceptable and shameful method of meeting your future wife or husband. As a result, many opt for arranged marriages.

While some Arab-Americans have become more open minded in recent times, there are still some that like to stick to the traditional routes. It is common for some Arab-American men to seek their mother's help to find themselves a wife. This usually happens when a man feels he is ready for marriage or is at the receiving end of pressure from friends and family. The bachelor just lists his requirements in a future wife and his mother goes off in hope of finding her son's perfect match.

Also, it's common for Arab men to seek their own wife at family and friend celebrations and events, at work or university etc. It is also possible that they could be introduced to a suitable match through mutual friends. When a man comes across a woman he is interested in, he asks around to find out more information about her. Traditionally, the man then takes some of his family members to the woman's house to request her hand in marriage.  The woman then has the right to accept or refuse the proposal.

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However, in some strict old-fashioned families, the woman may not have a choice in the matter. Many women are pressured into marrying quickly. Sadly, if a lady is not married by a certain age in Arab-American communities, she is labelled unworthy of a husband and family of her own. This explains why many women hastily marry when they feel they are getting older. Both males and females are pressurized by society to marry in Arab-American societies. In modern day societies, men tend to select their wife based on physical qualities.

he disadvantages of doing this could mean that the woman isn't fully equipped to do things that a man requires, like cooking and other house chores. This can result in arguments and frustration. Some women marry as young as 16 years old and are usually not prepared to look after and care for a husband. A further problematic issue to consider is when a woman that has been born and raised in the United States marries a man from the Middle East. Both individuals may have different ideas of what is expected of each other. Such issues can lead to great difficulties and even divorce.

Before choosing your life partner, it's important to consider all of the things discussed above. By doing so, you are likely to enjoy a long lasting happy marriage and avoid a painful break up.

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