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Online Dating vs. 'Traditional' Dating

Signing up on a dating site can be a little daunting. But how much more daunting is it than regular dating? Here we explain how the advantages of online dating far outweight the negatives.

ArabLounge Magazine > Dating| February 04, 2021

Meeting for the first time, having awkward conversations, realizing that you have little to no chemistry—and then that awful moment when you say goodbye, never wanting to see them again—"traditional" dating has a lot of perilous territory to cover. That's why online dating seems like such a good option in comparison. The pros of online dating far outweight the cons. Not only can you feel free to contact people you wouldn't normally on the street, but the sheer number of people you meet and see is exponentially higher. Some of the biggest benefits to online dating can be seen right here on You get to meet other Arabs from around the world, people you probably wouldn't have met otherwise.

Here are the top 5 biggest benefits to having a profile on a dating site compared to conventional dating:

Online Dating Provides More Variety of Options

How else would you meet people from all the continents in the world? It'd definitely be hard for someone from South Africa to meet, let alone start a relationship with someone in Syria without a dating site to be the go-between. Online dating allows you to see thousands of singles from around the world, and find exactly the kind of person you're looking for. No more blind dates—pictures a requisite on these sites, and their interests, hobbies, biography, and work info is all there for you to decide whether or not to pursue. It allows people from all over the world to form a community and connect in a way that hasn't ever been done before.

Online Dating Allows You To Date On Your Own Time

With online dating, you have the option of conversing with that person and really getting to know them even before you decide to meet. That cuts out the possibility of having little in common, and you both know what you're getting into, because you've already had the chance to have lengthy conversations before taking it to the next level.

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Online Dating Allows You To Narrow Your Options To Find the Perfect Fit

Do you absolutely want someone who is Muslim? Or someone who lives in London? What if the person must be a non-smoker/drinker? All these are usually answered on a person's profile page, so it makes narrowing down possibilities much easier. No having to weed through conversations or asking awkward questions—these facts are there for all to see, which allows you to know exactly the kind of person you're looking for, and to ignore those who don't match the criteria.

Takes you out of your comfort level

So many people are simply too shy or reserved to approach people on the street, so online dating allows them the opportunity to step outside their comfort level and take the initiative. From emailing, 'flirting,' to instant messaging other singles, you can contact many people until you find someone who's the right match for you. It allows you to strike up a conversation with nearly anyone, and connects you to people you may never have thought about corresponding with before. It's the great equalizer, since everyone on the site is essentially here for the same thing; to find someone to have a relationship with, and that puts everyone on the same playing field.

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