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Never Married
Mississauga (west Cooksville / Fairview / City Centre / East Creditview), Ontario
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Shako Mako?

Hey, welcome in, About me: I would say I am honest, friendly, nice, good listener, funny, active, caring, outgoing, understanding and family oriented. I can also be a bit of a romantic for the right girl ;) I have done some crazy things before. I can carry a conversation and keep you entertained. I love to laugh and crack jokes like no tomorrow. I LOVE BEING PUNCTUAL!!!!!!!!!!! I am dead serious about it. The way I see it, my word is my bond and I always follow through. I'm into most sports, love to swim and recently picked up jogging. I mainly love soccer but I love what I do regardless. I love to bike, and love to tinker with my bike. I love all types of music except metal, favourite bands are Paramore, Maroon 5 and Simple Plan. But like I said, I am into a lot of individual songs from various artists As for the type of person I am looking for: I just want to meet someone for the sake of dating/getting to know them or just hanging out, anything else is only for time to tell. With all due respect to everyone else, I prefer someone with a Middle Eastern background and Muslim like me. If you think I am worth getting to know or have anything you want to talk about just message me :) Ideal first date: simply its your choice 1) walk-n-talk 2) coffee (I hate coffee ... so tea/hot chocolate for me) 3) whatever you want :)

Best Feature
I'll tell you later
A few extra pounds
5' 11"   (180 cm)
Family Roots
Middle Eastern
My Lifestyle
Has Kids
Wants Kids
Bachelor's Degree
I'll tell you later
Does Not Matter
What languages do you speak?
English, Arabic
Favorite Music
Acoustic, Alternative, Dance / Electronica / House, Middle Eastern / Persian / Arabic, Rock & Roll, Rap / Hip-Hop
Favorite Actors
Jason Statham
Favorite Actresses
Anna Kendrick
Favorite Athletes
Cristiano Ronaldo, Maniche
Favorite Bands
Paramore, Simple plan
Favorite Hangouts
Square One, Downtown Toronto
Favorite Cities
Mississauga and London(UK)
Favorite Colors
Favorite Country
England (would love to visit one day)
Favorite Comedies
Ted, shows by Fluffy and Jeff Dunham
Favorite Action Movies
Die Hard (first one)
Favorite Plays
Shahid Ma Shafshi Haga
Favorite Sports Teams
Middlesborough FC
Favorite Quote From A Movie
get to the choppppa, NOW!!!, COME ON, DO IT
Favorite Restaurants
Marche, pickel barrel, Pita Land
Favorite Songs At The Moment
Maps - Maroon 5
Favorite Sports
love soccer, but into all sports
Favorite TV Comedies
Family Guy, Joey & Melissa, What i Love About You and Full House
Favorite TV Dramas
Wadi Al-Ziab (Turkish)
Favorite Foods
shawarma, burgers and Pizza ... super healthy
Favorite Styles Of Music
a bit of everything, except heavy metal
One of my passions when i was younger, even participated in school plays.
Board Games
Bit old fachioned. prefer board/card games over computer games anyday.
Card Games
big fan, my dream car is Datsun 240z. Hope to own one oneday
whether movies or shows, i love to waste my free time on watching comedy
I dont gamble at all
very easy
I love to watch movies. the more twists the better.
My one true LOVE
i like Top Gear, Storage Wars, Shipping Wars, Worlds Dumbest etc.
Video Games
Do i even need to fill this out. almost every guy is into gaming.
I like to go walk along trails and talk. I like how i always end up having good conversations with whoever i am with.
Adventurousness Average
Affectionateness Somewhat Doting
Trustingness Somewhat Gullible
Confidence Somewhat Confident
Independence Average
Mood Somewhat Chill
Romance Somewhat Romantic
Sociability Average
Thought Process Average
Tolerance Average
Dress Very Casual
Energy Somewhat High
Go Party Never
Religion Average
Neatness Not Too Neat
Punctuality Always Early
Spending Average
Work Ethic Driven
Do you believe in love at first sight?
I call it infatuation and yes i believe it does exist. However a relationship based solely on looks will never last. Because naturally people always get old, well the people i know anyway. So in short, i value the beauty on the inside more.
If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?
Flying would be awesome. or teleporting. Actually i choose teleporting, I could save tons of time commuting to school on a daily basis.
What is the most important lesson that you've learned?
Think before you speak. I used to say whatever was on my mind even with strangers, only people i truly know see that side of me.
What gets on your nerves?
Excessive piercings, i just cant stand girls with too many of them. No offense if you are into them, they are not what interest me. Also tattoos are a big pet peeve of mine. I guess you can say that hole style just doesn't interest me.
What is the most important thing in a relationship?
I would have to say honesty, there are a lot of other important parts in a relationship don't get me wrong, but honesty is key for me.
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