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The Arab Single Life

Finding someone you connect with can be a challenge. However, there are plenty of excellent websites out there that cater to helping eligible men and women find their perfect match. The best place to meet someone compatible is online. Here are the best sites for meeting people in the Arab world.

ArabLounge Magazine > Dating Advice| February 01, 2021

The scenario is always the same--your aunt eagerly tells you she has a beautiful, eligible woman who would love to meet you and who comes from a wonderful family—she's educated, charming and is adept at all household chores. So, you decide to meet; you think, "hey, I've got nothing to lose, right?"

Well, she doesn't exactly turn out to be how your aunt describes—she's at least 10 years older, and doesn't seem to be very interested in what you have to say. The first meeting goes disastrously, (at least it will make a good story for your buddies,) and you swear off anymore arranged dates. I'm finding someone myself, you decide. I know what I like, and I'm perfectly capable of doing it on my own.

That's when you suddenly realize just how hard it can be to find someone that you connect with. It's the dilemma of the modern-day single. We try to cast off many of our arranged marriage traditions because we find them, in some instances, outdated or constricting. At the same time, we're not sure where exactly to look to find someone on our own. Blind dates that are set up by mutual friends usually end up the same way as many of these family-arranged dates. Both parties are hyped up with a certain vision of their possible paramour, but rarely are they accurate.

Many single people simply don't have the time to be scouring various places to connect with people, or go out on endless dates. With a hectic work schedule, busy home life and compounding family pressures to get married soon, it's no wonder that millions of singles all over the world have taken a shine to the flexibility of online dating. ArabLounge is one of the many online dating sites that caters to a specific community and provides the affordability, discretion and user-friendly template that allows singles to connect with others around the world.

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Looking at the countless success stories has bolstered many new users to sign up with the site, and hearing these online-dating successes has made it also more acceptable within the community. Many singles see online dating as a way to keep themselves in the market, while being able to freely carry on their own lives. You can put your profile up, with a recent picture of yourself and something that describes who you are and what kind of person you're looking for.

It's deceptively simple yet works out so well for so many people. I've personally known many couples of various ages who met through online dating sites and have become happily married or who remain in committed relationships. They are people who lived worlds apart from one another, but through that initial first spark of interest, their relationships grew as the phone bills skyrocketed and they racketed up their frequent-flier miles. So while many singles may be scrambling around, looking desperately for a partner in all the wrong places, you are one step ahead of the pack; you've chosen a site where you can comfortably meet tons of other singles from not only your area, but from around the world. 

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