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The popularity of Middle Eastern cuisine has rocketed in the last decade. This is unsurprising given the wholesome, rich, aromatic and fresh taste. We know that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to Middle Eastern food, but we were keen to learn Lebanese-American food blogger Bethany Kehdy top choices. Her best dishes are those that are rustic and simple, like the m'jadarrah, lentil stew AKA 'the poor mans stew'. This is combination of slow-cooked lentils with a dash of burghul, caramalised onions completed with a bit of zesty cabbage salad. To save you the trouble of surfing the net, we've compiled a list of top Middle Eastern food to get you started.
  1. Hummus
This can be the ideal topping onto anything from a baked potato, burger or even on the traditional hot pita bread. Alternatively, use it as a tasty dip with breadsticks. Best place to try it? Via Dolorosa near Damascus Gate, Jerusalem, Israel.
  1. Manakeesh
If you're unfamiliar with the term it basically stands for round bread dashed with a choice of ground meet, cheese or herbs. It makes a great choice for breakfast or brunch! The pizza-like choice is available in a variety of ways. Best place to try it: Al Hallab, Guarhoud Road, Garhoud, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 
  1. Falafel
Whilst Falafel taste great on its own, it's even tastier as pita filler. Comically, the origin of falafel sparks great debate amongst Middle Easterners. Regardless of where it originated, I'm happy to just keep enjoying the taste. Best place to try it: Books@Cafe, First Circle Amman, Jordan;
  1. Shanklish
Shanklish is a sheep or cow milk that is normally shaped into golf ball sized bites. It taste beautiful along side some onion, diced tomatoes and a dash of olive oil. Best place to try it: Market Place, JW Marriott Dubai, Abu Baker Al Siddique Road, Al Rigga, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 
  1. Dolma
You can't go to many food outlets that aren't advertising delicious dolma. Dolma is in basic terms stuffed vegetables and comes in a wide variety. One of the most famous types has to be green bell peppers stuffed with tasty rice. The best kind is also stuffed with juicy vegetables and meat. Best place to try it: Asitane Restaurant, Kariye Camii Sokak 6, EdirnekapI, Istanbul, Turkey.
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