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Top 5 Ways to Make an Arab Woman Feel Appreciated

Neglecting to tell the woman in your life that you care about them can bring dire consequences—most often, a breakup.

AabLounge Magazine > Dating & Relationships| February 02, 2021

Just do these five things and you'll be ahead of the game:

Making a woman feel appreciated really isn't as hard as it's been made out to be. Like men, most Arab women simply need a little affirmation and signs of love once in a while. But especially in this go-go world we live in, where a flurry of emails, texts, twitters, and IM's creep up on you and work is constantly your first worry, reminding that special woman in your life that you love them is so necessary. Neglecting to tell the woman in your life that you care about them can bring dire consequences—most often, a breakup. That's why it's so important to make the Arab woman in your life feel appreciated and as loved as she really is.

Here are the top five ways to make a woman feel appreciated:

1. Focus on the little things

Most women don't need flashy shows of affection or appreciation.  Glitzy jewelry, fancy gifts and expensive dinners are nice, but they aren't exactly what make women feel loved. It's truly in the details. Just sending a sweet text, letting her know you're thinking about her, or asking how her day went can go really far. Anything that opens the line of communication between the two of you and lets her know that you're thinking about her is sure to bring you up a few notches in her book.

2. Cook

If you're not at the point where you can whip up a culinary masterpiece all by yourself, don't worry—there's still hope! Try helping her out in the kitchen and making some dishes together. Insist on staying in and whipping something up rather than going out to eat. Try out a new recipe and try to make it on your own for her if you're up the challenge. It's all about showing appreciation for all the things she does for you in your life. It's important to make sure she's being rewarded for all her hard work, too.

3. Be thoughtful

Remember the important dates. This cant be stressed enough. Anniversaries, birthdays and other important dates should be highlighted on a calendar somewhere in your house so you don't forget. When you go out of your way to remember a special day that's all about the two of you or her, it shows her how much you care; enough to bother with the day in the first place. If you'll be giving a gift on these occasions, also be sure to give thoughtful gifts. Give her something personalized or something that she's been needing or hinting at for a while.

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4. Really listen

If you do all of the above and don't bother listening to her and what's going on her life, then it's all pretty much moot. Really listen to what she has to say. Ask her about how her day is, what's been going on recently and listen to her responses. Remember the names of her friends and loved ones. Empathize and provide advice and support when needed. Being a good listener is such an important quality in a person, and you want to make sure she knows that you're going to be there for her no matter what.

5. Tell her how you feel

There's nothing like being able to confide in someone, so let that person be that Arab woman in your life. If you're having a bad day, tell her. If she's done something to upset you, let her know (albeit tactfully.) It's all about being able to confide in each other. Talking to her and telling her things no one else knows also lets her know how special she is in your life. You don't tell everyone everything, and she feels appreciated because just by you sharing things with her.

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