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How To Stand Out From All the Other Singles on a Dating App

Online dating and modern romance could be feeling a little crowded. How do you set yourself apart?

ArabLounge Magazine > Dating Tips| Updated February 09, 2021

You've made the decision. I'm going to sign up to a dating app and see what bites. Other ways (dating, arranged marriage, etc) just sound awful to you, and hey, it doesn't take much effort to create and set up a profile, does it?

But what to do when you're one among thousands of other singles looking for that special someone? How do you set yourself apart when everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is looking for an "honest, thoughtful, funny and loving" person? If your profile looks just like all the rest, there's a chance that it will get overlooked by a great girl or guy, and that's why it's so important to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. Singles tend to universally look for a certain set of traits, and it's important to show that not only are you a great person, but you're unique as well.

Here are some great ways to set yourself apart (in a good way) from all the other singles on a dating app:

What makes you special

Do you go hiking a lot? Are you an avid volunteer at your local mosque, church or temple? Do you own a business making jam? Whatever it is that sets you apart from other people—it's good to advertise it. It shows that you have interests, hobbies and, well, a life. It might be a good idea to have one picture that shows you somehow involved in this activity and to write a little bit about it in your section describing yourself. Don't go overboard by making your whole page about it though. That can turn off people who may not be interested, and may even get intimidated by it. However, it will give you something to chat about and it's likely that like-minded people will find you because you mentioned it.

The Profile Picture

This cant be stressed enough. Hardly anyone will look at a profile that doesn't have a picture, and let's face it; the picture is going to be what draws people into clicking on your profile. Pick out your most flattering top in a great color and have a friend take a few different shots. Do a few different poses (not in a cheesy way,) and pick which one you like best. A good picture is usually when you're looking straight into the camera, smiling and seem relaxed. Try to be outside and in soft, afternoon light, maybe an hour before sunset. This is the best light to take pictures in.

Have "action" shots

Although your profile picture is important, you want to have some other pictures that show what you're interested in. A good idea is to have a few pictures with family, some with friends, some of you alone, doing an outdoor activity, a nice headshot, and just a few more random ones. It shows you in a variety of situations, and the importance of these pictures is to show other singles what you're really like. Pick pictures that you think really represent what you love about yourself and your life. This helps you become more relatable and approachable too.

Write something different

Look through a couple dozen profiles of other Arab singles. Do they all seem to say the same thing? Probably. The best thing you can do is to write something about yourself and what you're looking for in a unique way. Using sarcasm, funny quotes, insights, jokes and honest reflections are a great way to stand out. Your picture draws singles in. It's the content on your profile which really makes people interested.

Remember that, and you'll realize how important it is to stand out.

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