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Bridal Beauty Tips for Your Big Day

Expert Advice for Bridal Makeup, Hair, Skincare, and More

ArabLounge Magazine > Health and Beauty| Updated April 19, 2023

Your wedding day will be the day you will be most photographed and one of the biggest days of your life. Every bride, accordingly, wants to look extra special and beautiful on that all-important day—Arab brides no less.

Here are a few tips from insiders, makeup experts and brides themselves on the most essential and important ways to look amazing on your big day:

  1. All your makeup has to be waterproof: A lot of Arab brides don't think they'll cry during the ceremony, but guess what? They almost always do. Think ahead by getting waterproof mascara, foundation and eyeliner so you don't have a ton of makeup running down your face as you hug your family goodbye. Even if you're not worried about crying, the heavy lights used for photography, dancing, walking and stress will cause you to sweat as well, especially if your dress is elaborate. The waterproof makeup will make everything stay in its place.
  2. Get your eyebrows professionally done: People really discount how important eyebrows are for shaping the face. They frame your eyes, which is especially important to most Arab brides, as their eyes are their most striking feature. Remember to go to a professional about a week or two before the ceremony and get them shaped in the way that most flatters your face. Going right before the ceremony can leave your eyebrows red and inflamed, so make sure you allow for some buffer time.
  3. Have someone to do touch ups: Whether it's a bridesmaid, your mother or someone else, make sure they have your lipstick, some powder for shiny noses and even a few bobby pins and a sewing kit. They are there to make sure that everything goes smoothly and you look fresh and awake. Have them check up on you every now and then to see if you need to reapply anything or have something fixed.
  4. Splurge on a Facial: You probably don't get them too often, but splurge a little for your big day. Make sure you do it at least 3 week prior to your wedding day, however. Facials are notorious for causing breakouts soon after, because of all the toxins leaving the skin. To make it more relaxing, take a bridesmaid as a treat for all her hard work and enjoy the pampering. Steam facials work especially well, and by the time your wedding comes around, you'll look fresh, beautiful and absolutely glowing.
  5. Drink lots of water: Water will cleanse your body and your skin, making you not only look great, but feel healthy and vibrant. Stop drinking sodas or other sugary drinks about a week before your wedding, and stay with good old water. Also make sure to have some around on the big day because you don't want to feel light-headed and woozy. Keep some around always to keep you hydrated and fresh.
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