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Dating Advice That Could Change Your Life

10 Dating Tips for a Healthy Relationship

ArabLounge Magazine > Dating Tips| February 01, 2021

Life is not quite what it used to be and at times dating can really take it out of you. After a long day's work, it could sometimes be more tempting to just stay home and snuggle up with a good book or order some take out and watch a movie rather than go on another date. Yep, life has changed so much, so why not change your love life. What are some good dating tips? Dating doesn't have to be done in the usual way, after all, going out to dinner and having drinks night after night, could become more of a routine than anything else. There are so many ways to enjoy your love life and build a lasting relationship at the same time. Follow our top 10 dating tips and take advantage of the world around you. Get out there live your best dating life ever!

1. A Fabulous First Date

The first date can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time, but instead of ending the evening feeling relieved that you got through it, wouldn't you rather think, "That was a fabulous date!"

We all want to make a good impression when meeting someone for the first time. So, when your date arrives you meet them with a welcoming smile and make eye contact while engaging in conversation and showing an interest in his/her discussion. In fact, many of us seem to actually lose focus on the whole purpose of the date in the first place. You should be able to tell whether or not you are into the other person within the first fifteen minutes. So, if you find yourself deep in conversation for the first thirty minutes or so, just give yourself a breather. Are you really into him/her? Ask yourself this question and be honest, being polite and pretending to be interested in someone who is just not compatible is not a good move. This will only lead to a disappointing second date.

Enjoying a light-hearted conversation over dinner is be far more enjoyable and can often reveal so much about your personality, who you are, and what you want out of life. If the two of you share any common interests, you will soon find out, and you may even find yourself looking forward to your second date.

2. Choose Your Words Wisely

If you have ever been on a date and the guy says something that just throws you off, then you know what I am talking about. Some dating advice for girls, don't mention how many times you looked at his profile, or how long it took you to finally pluck up the courage to call him, or even how he reminds you of your ex. These comments could make the guy feel slightly awkward and put him off. It's best to keep it simple and come across as being more confident by saying, "Hey, when I saw your profile you caught my eye and I decided to give you a call."

This shows that you are interested and not afraid to put yourself out there. At the same time, you don't make yourself seem desperate or too shy.

3. Oh, Could It Be Love At First Sight?

You could find yourself on a first date where you are very attracted to the other person and feel that you're so into him/her. Listening attentively to every word they say, you gaze fondly into their eyes, hoping that the feeling is mutual. If you really want to know if your date is into you, follow their eyes, this could answer the question for you. If their eyes are constantly wandering and staring at your body, they could find you rather desirable, but not be too interested in you as a person. You are more than likely to find that you'll connect with someone who tends to look straight into your eyes as they are in search of true romance.

4. Focus On Your Body Language And The Way You Talk To One Another

Body language can tell you a lot about a person, whether your date is comfortable around you and is wanting to get to know you more. So pay attention and be sure to display the right body language to get things moving in the right direction. Many dating advice websites mention how the tone of one's voice and the way one responds is so important. Who wants to go on a date with someone whose conversation is dull and boring? If they are enjoying your company, you'll notice how their pitch changes from high to low.

5. Relax, But Not Too Much

Sure, we have all turned to our favorite magazines for dating articles and advice, trying to stick to all "the rules" and snag the perfect date. They'll tell you to just play it cool. There's no harm in that, but don't overdo it. Confidence is great, but don't be too overconfident and laugh at every second thing he/she says, especially if they're not that funny. Being warm and responsive is a big turn on, so let them know you are enjoying their company, but be subtle about it.

6. How To Keep Dating Fun

So, you have been on a few dates and you have gotten to know one another a bit more... now what? You don't want to keep going out for dinner and a movie and by this stage, you should be aware of what interests you share. This could be anything from dancing to sport to cooking to arts, volunteering, nature, or hiking. And you know what, these are everyday activities that so many of us enjoy. You don't have to go out in the evening every time. You could start the day off with breakfast in a location you both like and then go for a hike together, this is enjoyable, it's great exercise, and you can spend quality time together while enjoying a different environment. If you'd prefer a day indoors, there are plenty of indoor sports and hobbies to enjoy to take your mind off the fact that you are on a date.

After an enjoyable day, you may be quite happy to spend the night in and even make plans for your next date, perhaps an evening of dinner and dancing, or going to the stadium to cheer on your team while tucking into some greasy fries.

7. Time To Introduce Your Friends

Introducing your friends to your new partner could make your dating life more interesting and give you a bit of a break from time to time. You'll be able to be with your partner while enjoying the company of others at the same time. This could lead to double dating, getting together in different places and trying new things together, and just having a good laugh. Your partner could also form some valuable new friendships and become more involved in your life. Double dating is considered one of the da to use, in fact, you could even have a dating week and your partner could introduce you to their friends as well.

8. Value Your Own Opinion Most Of All

While there is nothing better than a good friend who lends an ear when you're having troubles in your love life, just be careful not to take every comment to heart. Your bff will be honest with you and support you and sometimes the best advice on dating can come from those who are close to us. They know our hearts and our thoughts and although their opinions may not always be what we are hoping to hear, one should appreciate and value what they have to say. But remember, at the end of the day, you are the one who is in the relationship, and your feelings and opinions, as well as those of your partner, are what count most of all. If you make mistakes your friends will still be there for you to help you through it, but be sure of how you feel before asking for outside opinions, particularly during the early stages of your relationship.

9. Find What You Are Looking For Online

What are you looking for in a date, a fling, a serious boyfriend, or the perfect marriage? Whatever it is, the right person could be just a few blocks away. This is where online dating websites and dating apps come in handy. You could be off on your first date in no time and you can meet up with people who tick all the boxes by simply allowing the app to match your profile to theirs. It's that easy!

10. Had Enough Of Dating... Date Your Friends

Perhaps you're fed up with the dating lifestyle completely and find it has taken so much out of you. Well, when all else fails, why not date a friend? It may seem a bit lame at first, but there are more benefits to this form of dating than you realize. They know you well, they are already part of your friendship circle and you don't have to go through the process of getting to know them. Give it a try, you might be surprised!

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