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Online Dating Success Tips

Are Online Dating Sites Successful?

Arab Lounge Staff  Jan 20, 2020 

Online dating is one of the most popular forms of dating in today's time. The pandemic forced people to abandon many of the traditional ways of meeting people. You can find your soulmate online by following a few guidelines. We've got all you need to know about the popularity of dating apps, the safety of online dating as well as how to succeed on dating sites.

Dating sites have been the core of meaningful connections between many adults. About 12% say they found their spouse or partner on a dating site. Over 20% of Americans say they've gone on a date after meeting someone through a dating app. The odds are that you probably know someone that met through online sites. It's becoming more popular each year as people find different sites that work for their personal interests. It's also easier each year to use the sites and apps to find someone that fits what you're looking for in a spouse.

Online Dating Success for Men

Some people believe dating sites are more successful for women than men. This could be because traditional dating is usually about the man reaching out first. In today's world, a woman is just as powerful as a man, so it's not a huge deal for the woman to reach out. Men often report they don't get as many messages as women. It's a delicate balance between the genders of who reaches out first and who moves the relationship forward.

Online Profile Equals Higher Success Rates

Most online users say it's important to see another user's photos. They want to look at their profile to see what type of relationship they're interested in and about their everyday activities. This helps a user go through the profiles to find a person they're interested in. It's easy to find information about what they person does in their free time and might even include things like their political or religious beliefs. Many users want to know if the person has children or has been married. This can save time and energy down the road.

Positive And Negative Effects Of Online Dating

Many people believe online dating is a positive way to date because it expands their dating pools. How do you find success in online dating if you don't fish? The thought process is that people are allowed to evaluate someone before they agree to go on a real date. They don't just meet them in a bar and have a first impression in their pocket before a date. They're able to "research" the profile of someone. This makes dating easier for many. Some people say dating sites are negative at times because it's easy to hide behind a screen. A person can misrepresent themselves leading the other person on. Whether you meet online or in person first, there's always a risk when you put your heart on the line. There will always be positive and negative effects of dating.

Profile Picture

If you plan to have any success with online dating, it all starts with your profile. A user may receive a dozen messages a day. They aren't going to open yours unless you stand out from the crowd. The first thing they see is your profile photo. This should be a clear, nice shot of you. Don't use blurry images or topless photos. Try to remain classy for your picture. A person will usually want to have some sort of physical attraction to click on a photo. Without a photo, you're just a pile of words. You're forgettable.

Profile Information

Your profile is a glimpse into your life. You need to be yourself instead of trying to be someone that stands out to every type of person. Whether you're funny or serious, your profile should reflect who you are as a person. You can be vulnerable, but not negative. Write what makes you unique. Have a little fun writing this profile. Remember, there are thousands of people browsing profiles. If yours sounds like everyone else's, they'll probably scroll right on by.

Searching For Matches

The first steps of online dating include searching for people that you find interesting and reaching out to them. If they feel the same about you, then they'll return your message. This is exciting as you scroll through potential matches. It's almost as if you're shopping to find your perfect mate. This is an area where you cannot be shy. It's time to be confident and put yourself out there. Focus on something unique about the other person. Try to ask open-ended questions to start the conversation. Don't drive them crazy by sending them a dozen messages. You don't want to come off as desperate.

Watch For Red Flags

Not everyone on a dating site is genuine. If they seem too good to be true, they may be fraudulent. There are millions of wonderful potential mates out there, but there are also some bad apples. Don't ever send anyone money. Don't agree to do anything criminal. It's really about using common sense. Check their photos. Odds are, if they only have one photo, it could be fake. Make sure they aren't looking to step outside their marriage. You can do your own digging outside of the dating site as well. Being a good investigator is important when you're dating online.

Jump Off The Site

The next step in online dating is to take the messages to e-mail, text or phone call. One day you'll want to know what the person sounds like in real life. One thing to remember is that you aren't looking for a pen pal. Some people get stuck in the messaging rut. They talk all day and night, yet never take it to the next level. They never ask the person out. This is just a waste of time. Once you're in this stage, have fun sending messages back and forth or talking on the phone for hours. Feel like a teenager again. Again, don't be clingy or crazy. Listen for red flags still. Don't let down your guard all of the way.

Making The Jump To Real Life

One of the final keys to online dating success is diving into the actual date. It can be scary to step away from the screen to meet someone in real life. You don't have to make it complicated. Pick a place where you both feel comfortable. You can go for a simple coffee date for quick conversation. If you're comfortable enough with your regular conversation to jump off the high dive, go out for dinner. You'll probably be nervous, but it's important to remember that you've clicked with this person for a reason. You have to see if it's something more than just online chit-chat. After this date, you'll know if you want to move forward with the person. If you don't succeed, it's okay. You won't have chemistry with everyone. Shake off your boots, and jump back on the horse.

Is Online Dating Safe?

Online dating should be approached with the common sense you use when dating in real life. You may have heard the term "catfishing" when people reel you in with a false identity. Dating is never foolproof when it comes to safety. It's important to be vigilant and stay alert when you're meeting people online. About 53% of Americans believe that dating online is a somewhat safe way to date. Once you take the step of online dating into the outside world, proceed with caution.

There are no exact rules on dating sites how to be successful, but you should follow these guidelines. They'll help you navigate the sites to find your potential mate. It's important to have fun, stay safe, and enjoy the ride. Millions of people have found success dating online, so you have nothing to lose unless you don't sign up and try to find your perfect partner.

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