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Elie Saab in a Whole New Light in The Paris Haute Couture Spring 2016

Ellie Saab proudly presented his latest Haute Couture Spring 2016 collection.

ArabLounge Magazine > Fashion| Updated April 18, 2023

The Paris Haute Couture Spring 2016 fashion week was a mesmerizing showcase of some of the most beautiful and innovative designs from top fashion designers around the world. One of the standout designers from the event was Lebanese designer Elie Saab, who presented his latest collection in a whole new light.

Known for his stunning and intricate designs, Elie Saab has long been a favorite among fashion enthusiasts and celebrities alike. His creations are always a beautiful display of intricate lacework, delicate embroidery, and dreamy pastels. However, for the Paris Haute Couture Spring 2016 fashion week, Saab surprised his audience with a fresh and unique take on his signature style.

The collection was inspired by the "golden age of Hollywood," with Saab taking cues from classic films and actresses to create a collection that was both nostalgic and contemporary. Models walked down the runway in elegant gowns that featured unexpected details, such as sheer panels, asymmetrical hemlines, and playful embellishments.

Saab's use of colors was also noteworthy, with the designer incorporating unexpected shades such as deep blues, rich purples, and metallics into his designs. The result was a collection that felt both fresh and timeless, with each piece exuding elegance and glamour.

One of the standout pieces from the collection was a breathtaking sheer gown that featured intricate beading and embroidery. The gown was a true work of art, with the intricate details catching the light in a way that was both ethereal and enchanting.

Overall, Elie Saab's latest collection was a beautiful showcase of the designer's versatility and creativity. From dreamy pastels to unexpected metallics, Saab demonstrated that he is a master at creating designs that are both beautiful and innovative. For fashion enthusiasts and fans of the designer, this collection was certainly one to remember.

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