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How To Chat When Online Dating

Online dating can sometimes be overwhelming. It's easy to meet people, but sometimes hard to start conversations or keep it interesting. Here are 10 tips for how to chat when Online Dating.

ArabLounge Dating Tips   Jan 22, 2021

You've decided to take the plunge and talk to local singles online and try online dating for the first time. You've started to research the top rated results for online free chatting and dating, and you want to find the good flirting sites. You've varied your searches by using phrases such as "free online flirting," "dating and chatting site free online," "e dating chat," and "daily dating tips." You want to find a good option that allows an instant dating chat to get to know the people you are matching with.

You might not have figured it all out yet, but you have a good idea of how you want to do it. You want to avoid the pressure of having to create a creative elevator speech to a casual encounter on the street, and you want to take advantage of the online services that appear to be trending at the moment.

To the first time user, online dating can be intimidating. However, it's not rocket science. Here are 10 tips to help you push past the uncomfortable salutation and move on to the good stuff.

1. Keep the conversation flowing

So, you've managed to get passsed the awkward "hello" part of the conversation, and they have responded. Now you are cooking with fire!

But, what's next?

It can be a challenge to pick up a conversation with someone that you don't know quite yet, and they aren't physically sitting there for you to read their body language. You want to come across and fun and adventureous, while also being thought as intelligent and honest, right?

It can be hard to break the ice right away with just a few exchanged messages. You have no idea what makes them tick yet, but this is all part of finding out if they are worth it.

2. Reference their profile

There is nothing worse than feeling like you have to keep repeating yourself.

You might have mentioned that you are a teacher with a secret expertise for pizza joints, but that you absolutely hate the hunting photo trend that has become available. You might have even added a little banter expressing that you do not have any hidden Beauty and the Beast fantasies where you are looking for your handsome Gaston to provide for you. You wanted to be memorable. Only for them to go on a tangent about their love for hunting. This can tank a conversation.

Make sure you have read the profile, and take the time to complement them on a component that you liked. That will make them feel heard, and they might start to connect with you.

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3. Ask questions

People love to talk about themselves. This is often when you will start finding out quite a bit about them. Give your new partner a chance to spill by asking light, simple questions. You will find that their answers might even spark a follow-up question for a deeper dive. The more they answer, the more you've got to go on in the conversation. You might have even scored some major points by stroking their ego.

This will also be a good indicator if you are a worthwhile match or not. If their responses are short or answers don't jive with you then you might begin to lose interest in this particular pairing. If after tossing out a myriad of questions they still haven't asked you anything about yourself, you might feel a certain kind of way. It might be time to move on. No harm. Next!

Just keep in mind that it's a conversation and not a job interview. You probably won't get all of their hopes in dreams to fit into the initial conversation, but you should have at least a good idea of who you are talking to.

4. Add a little spice. Flirt!

Flirting is like forplay. It can be fun, but you will have to do it at a much slower pace than when you are sitting next to someone. They aren't going to be able to see your non-verbal cues in your body language. Lay it on too think and too early, and it might be considered a turn-off. You probably don't want to go in immediately talking about your closed door skillsets and sending over photos that you'd be embarrassed if your grandmother saw them.

5. Be Honest

This shouldn't be hard, but obviously, there is enough meat behind this topic that they made a whole television show AND a movie about it. If you are serious about finding a mate then don't position yourself as a catfish. Yes, you want to impress them, and you want them to like you. However, that doesn't mean that you have to lie to do it. There is no harm in being you. Quite honestly, they might even like the real you better.

6. Don't fear the use of emojis and memes

These little additions are conversation enhancers.

A well placed emoji can lighten the mood if a sentence of text might be read multiple ways. It also adds a little personality into what you are saying. They are often read as playful, and if they are used creatively, might even be flirty in a suggestive way.

You have to be careful with memes, especially if the humor might be a little high-brow. Read your audience, and take a second to get an idea of their sense of humor. Yes, they can create a laugh, but they can also make them swerve.

7. Take it off(line)!

You didn't start this search by looking for a new penpal. You wanted to connect with someone. Online conversations can be great for the initial "getting to know you" phase, but it's not meant to be your only form of communication.

Once you have a good feel for this person and a little trust has been built, you should go ahead and exchange numbers. Phone calls and video chats should be the natural next step. Here you will be able to get a better feel for who they really are.

8. Move toward the date

You don't have to consider updating your Facebook status just yet, but you do want to buckle down to figure out if you think it's worth a shot or not. You might want to get a feel for what their work schedule is like, what their evening plans typically entail, and what things they might like to do. This will get your gears turning about what activities you might want to experience together.

9. Save the Date!

Don't worry. You aren't rushing to the alter, but you do want to make this date a priority. You've heard that you only get one chance to make a first impression, and this holds so much weight for the first date. You don't want to come off as a flake or inconsiderate. Once the two of you have picked and activity and a date then the pressure is on to put your best foot forward.

10. Disconnect

Up to this point your communication has been primary on some sort of media device. Whether you were using your computer, your phone, or you've already linked your Alexa devices, your communication has been through a device. Now that you two have devoted the time to spend it together, you need to go back to the old fashion way. Look at each other, talk to each other, and put the phones away. Give yourself permission to enjoy the evening.

It all gets better with practice. You may not find your Romeo or Juliet in the first couple of tries, but the important takeaway is that you tried. Like most things in life, there is a trial and error element that comes into play. Remember, nobody wants to truly be a professional dater. They want to meet their person, and grow into something amazing. They don't want to be good at moving onto the next.

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