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The Pros and Cons of Online Dating

Online dating advantages and disadvantages

ArabLounge Magazine > Dating & Relationships| Updated February 09, 2021

You might be single or dating someone who you do not feel is right for you. However, no one wants to be alone on this day of love. You might be asking yourself how you can get an ideal date within such a short time. Well, the internet might have the answer for you through an online dating site.

Online dating has become popular these days, and many couples are meeting through the internet. Some of us might be apprehensive about how it works and the dynamics it involves. This article will tell you all about the advantages of online dating and whether it is safe to try it.

What is online dating?

Online dating entails matching profiles against an online database to introduce individuals to potential life partners. It rarely involves physical meetings unless the couple has decided to take it a notch higher or become exclusive.

Online dating sites contain records of people who are interested in finding love. They run on a subscription model whereby individuals pay to view profiles and select individuals they fancy. They also allow diverse forms of communication to connect people. At times it might involve social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Here you get to meet people and talk to them freely without necessarily paying any money.

Once members sign up for these online dating sites, they share information about themselves. The data can range from personal details to hobbies, likes, and dislikes, among others. However, if you are interested in finding an ideal mate then, you should divulge as much information about yourself as possible. If you are dishonest or cagey about details of your life, then you are bound to be hooked up to the wrong person.

It is advisable to always register on a portal that will increase your chances of finding the ideal partner. Therefore, select the dating sites that run algorithms to improve the likelihood of finding a good match.

Pros of online dating:

Within time you will discover that the benefits of online dating are numerous. You get a chance to meet new people through an interactive forum. You can only ask how successful is online dating? Once you have an opportunity to go out with one or more people. Here are some of the reasons why online dating is good.

1. Meet more people.

Most people often ask -Is online dating worth it? Yes, in many ways, I would say. One fact about online dating sites is that they match you with many potential partners. It is most helpful to individuals that do not have a large social circle. It is equally important to people who live or work in an environment where they do not interact with single people.

2. Chance to meet like-minded individuals.

Some people believe that opposites attract. But the rationale is it is better to mingle with partners that have the same mindset. You do not have to ponder – do dating sites work? Find out for yourself. Make sure you get matched with a person of the same caliber. When you search for a partner on these online dating sites, check if they share your passion, hobby, and beliefs. You can befriend the ones with whom you share the same interests as you are more likely to be compatible with each other.

3. Open Conversations.

There are high chances that you and the people looking for life partners are open to what they want. Therefore, you have an opportunity to ask questions openly in the early stages of dating. You might ignore some of them at the beginning of a traditional relationship. Always inquire about any pressing issue. You can be sure that they will be open to you about what is important to them.

4. It is a good platform for shy people.

Different people have various personalities. Some introverts prefer being indoors and alone, and some extroverts are outgoing and friendly. An introvert is more likely to favor online dating as it will rarely expose their vulnerability. However, some extroverts prefer dating online even though they are not shy. If you are afraid of talking to ladies openly, then this online platform is Godsend. You will hide behind messages, pictures, and profiles before you gather the ability to face your potential partner.


Although online dating sites are helpful and contain so many benefits, ensure that you are wary of the undesirable properties.

1. Your preferences might blindside you.

Although it feels great to specify what your future partner should be like, not everything is rosy. You might find out their views on marriage, death, children, among other life matters, are not in your favor. However, you can focus on what you want and miss out on what your potential match presents.

2. Profiles will not reveal everything.

Most online dating sites face various challenges when establishing the accuracy of the information users share on the platform. On the internet, anyone can build a desirable persona. Others even prefer to steal attractive identities. Therefore, it is hard to ascertain an online profile unless you are very keen.

You might miss out on vital details about a person that you can notice through face-to-face interaction. You can only observe some non-verbal behavioral cues when interacting with the person physically. Additionally, you cannot see the qualities an individual possesses by just checking their profiles.

3. Most sites focus on physical attraction.

Your photo complements your profile on any dating site. It is what most people focus on when they are looking for that ideal date. Your interests, career, and hobby will follow later. If you put a beautiful image on your profile with an attractive name, there are high chances that you will receive very many requests. However, it will be contrary to an individual who posts a repulsive photo in their profile.

Consequently, it will tempt you to alter your photo to emphasize only the positive elements you possess. Many sites tend to emphasize physical attractiveness, a behavior that members of that site tend to imitate. At the back of our minds, we all know that physical beauty is insignificant when it comes to a long-lasting relationship. However, this does not deter us from selecting partners who are physically attractive to us. Ultimately, potentials will bypass your profile if you want to portray an authentic physical presence with undesirable looks.

4. It can be dangerous.

Although all dating sites emphasize safety first, many profiles pass through without a thorough security check. Therefore, you must always carry out a precautionary check before you delve into private matters. Some people assume that everyone who resorts to online dating is weak, undesirable, or inadequate. Therefore, they will want to take advantage of dating sites to hurt people looking for love.

The internet contains a lot of tricksters, liars, and scammers. You must be extremely careful when choosing an online partner. It is difficult to tell whether a profile is real or fake. If a match seems suspicious, never divulge crucial information about yourself. Additionally, discontinue talking to anyone who does not seem genuine to save yourself unnecessary heartache and pain.

As a precaution note, you should never be too willing to share sensitive photos of yourself. Never give out your financial records or share any passwords or PINs to personal accounts. Do not be too comfortable with someone who will ask for financial favors even before you meet personally.

If you decide to meet your match physically, remember to inform a trusted friend or family friend about where you are going. Additionally, never agree to convene in private or personal space for the first time. It does not matter whether you are a man. Some people have tricked strong men into difficult situations. Take care of your food, drinks, and personal possessions during the date.

Here are the tips to avoid being scammed.

· Take precautions before you go for a meeting with a person you met online.
· Avoid sharing personal and private information about yourself with a stranger.
· Do not send money to a person you just met online, no matter how noble the cause is.

This article provides you with the pros and cons of internet dating. Additionally, this kind of dating will expose you to new people, and you will pair with others who you might not like. Remember, the internet has a digital print. Therefore, anyone can deduce a lot of information about you even if you are not ready to share. However, be wary as profiles may not reveal everything about a person. You might discover that instead of finding a partner, you will get a permanent scar. Make an informed decision.

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