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For Arab singles living in different parts of the world and looking for the right life partner , provide tailor made Arab match making online services through their online portal. Arabian men and women can create their own profile in this web site and upload their profile for viewing along with the photos. In order to create their profile, one has to first complete the registration process that comes as a free service. In order to complete the registration process, users have to provide their country of residence, name, age and their Email details.

Various Features available in

After completing the registration process, the registered users would be provided a separate profile page. There are many options that are available in the profile page that can help the registered user to start looking for their life partner

1. Activity Panel for knowing the number of Views

The registered user would be taken to their home page once they log in with their set user name and password. In the home page, the signed in user can see the activity panel. By clicking on the activity panel, the registered user can get information regarding the names and number of people who have seen their profile. In addition to knowing the people who have viewed their profile, the registered user can get information on whether any one has marked their profile as a favorite profile.

2. Searching for the right member

Once inside their home page, the registered member can make use of the “Search” option provided in the page. While doing the search, the member can use different search criteria including the other member’s age and their location. If the member knows the other member’s user name, they can directly use the user name as a search string.

There is also an additional option in the form of platinum membership. By opting for this platinum membership, users can get access to special search options in the form of “Detailed Searches”. These detailed search option would help the member to find the right match in a much more effective manner. The detailed search option is not available for the ordinary member.

3. Using Winks for indicating call interest on another member

If a registered user has found a profile that matches their requirements, the user can send a wink to the other member indicating that you are interested in that member

4. Sending a message to other member

If a registered member wants to communicate with another member, the member can go to the other member’s profile page and use the message sending option provided in the other member’s profile page.

5. Chatting with other members also provide the option of chatting with other members of this Arab match making portal... The registered member can view the number of other members who are currently online along with their registered user name. You can select any one of the online members and start chatting with them using the chat option provided that you have a Platinum Membership

By making use of these options provided in, Arabs living in different corners of the globe can quickly search for their life partner and start establishing communication with the selected person.

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